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Pregnancy massage

"Above all, cherish the love you receive. It will live on long after gold and health have disappeared from your life."
Oh Mandino

How do I proceed?

- First massage the buttocks, back, neck and shoulders while lying on your side

- Then the neck and neck muscles as well as the abdomen while lying on the back

- water or herbal tea afterwards

During your pregnancy, your body sometimes responds differently to stimuli than before your pregnancy. Do you notice during the massage that you feel too hot or cold or that you feel nauseous? Or is the massage too intense for you? Please let us know so that we can adapt the massage to your wishes and you can continue to relax.

When is this massage not recommended?

​- the first 3 weeks of pregnancy

- with too much pain
- in case of fever
- in case of growths
- open wounds
- skin diseases

- inflammation
- chronic infectious diseases
- spastic paralysis

- rheumatic diseases (as long as the cause is unknown)
- for varicose veins

Bedankt voor uw bericht!
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