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Here is an overview of the people with whom I work closely, have received training and to whom I have an absolute warm heart

Reiki treatment

Inner chi, Ingrid Carpentier: Reiki-Seichem Master, Munay Ki and Nusta Karpay since 2004

Image by Toa Heftiba, platform for and by recognized masseurs, both in Belgium and the Netherlands, affiliated since 2009


Collum treatment, Guido Loozen, Sep-Oct. 2023


De Levensschool, where I received my four-year education and obtained my diploma in 2012.


Yoga VZW, where I followed my 1-year yoga training and obtained my diploma in 2017.


Transformational Cupping, Kim Cupping, August 2022

flying rabbit.jpg

The Flying Rabbit, a spiritual shop in heart and soul in Lier, where you can buy the nicest things


Transfigura method, Stanny Lansloot, May-Jun 2018 (84 hours)

Cupping therapy

Meridian Body Treatment: fire cupping by Glenn D'Huyvetter August 2023

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On you will find courses, workshops and training on:

  • Passions & leisure activities

  • Personal growth & relationships

  • Continuous learning

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