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“Live in joy, in health, even when the whole world is sick.”

How do I proceed?
First we do an intake interview using all kinds of insight cards .

The treatment then starts in a specific order:

- Holistic Pulsing (Holistic Pulsing is a gentle treatment method that moves the body in a playful, natural way)

- Placing and irradiating energy plates and chakra stones on the 7 main chakras.

- Singing bowls and other instruments

- Full body massage with tachyonized oil

- End with conversation with water or tea.

Possible effect of the treatment:

- bringing body and mind back into balance

- a lot of energy or rather very tired
- resolve the feeling of loss
- suddenly gain insight into recurring problems in relationships or work

Do you suffer from burnout , fear of failure , a feeling of inadequacy or do you have difficulty guarding your boundaries?

Then this massage ensures that you can process major events better and helps you learn to deal with difficult situations differently

Bedankt voor uw bericht!
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