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Rutifying meditation that you can download on your desktop or smartphone, so you always have your relaxing moment on the go at hand.

Wherever and whenever you are, take a break and dream away.

Play time: 09 minutes and 01 seconds

Guided meditation in surrender audio download


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  • The most important thing you can achieve in spiritual life is total surrender. In order to surrender, you must be free from all kinds of ego matters. It means letting go of your will and sailing blindly on the highest will of existence. It is a primal confidence in what drives the life process. Everything makes sense. You are obedient to the inner voice, to life. You look beyond 'your own part' to what the situation requires. A free spirit who has surrendered will experience peace, tranquility and inner strength. It means that you give everything that is yours, your inner self and your outer appearance, unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

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