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Hotstone massage

"Man's freedom is the health of the soul."

How do I proceed?

After placing the warm lava stones (+/- 40 degrees) to deeply warm and relax the body, the muscles are first massaged manually to feel where the blockages are located. Then there is an alternating massage with slightly warmer lava stones (+/- 45 degrees).

Effect of the massage

- A deep feeling of relaxation,

- Deeper effect in muscle and connective tissue due to the heat

- Increases the feeling of well-being and security.

Do you need relaxation and do you get cold easily in autumn and winter, does the heat escape your body? If you suffer from low blood pressure and poor blood circulation, then this massage is definitely for you

When is this massage not recommended?

- Diabetes

- Skin infections.

- High blood pressure
- Burnout or extreme fatigue

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