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HHP massage mattress

“It is perhaps life's greatest achievement to live to old age, to retain your sanity, your sense of humor, your health and your charm.”
Yehudi Menuhin

How does this work?

An HHP massage mattress session is with your clothes on, you may be covered with a blanket, an eye patch is placed over your eyes and you listen to relaxing music.

Mainly used for many back problems for people who do not like to be massaged.

The deep andullation vibrations will activate blood circulation throughout the body, down to the smallest capillary. It is precisely this property that appears to be particularly effective in combating pain and tension problems and can therefore also be used preventively.

Possible effects of this therapy?​

- Revitalization of your cells

- Blood circulation is stimulated down to the level of the smallest capillary
- the lymphatic system is cleansed (lymphatic drainage, detoxification)
- every muscle cell in the body is individually supplied with energy

So do you suffer from all kinds of pain complaints, poor blood circulation, do you sleep poorly and does your metabolism not work well?

Then this treatment is really something for you.

When is this therapy not recommended?

In case of more serious complaints, please always consult your doctor.

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